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Fifty for 50

Batey 50 New
Batey 50 current

Rebuilding Homes for the Poorest of the Poor in Batey 50.

The people who live in the sugarcane village known as Batey 50, about a two hour drive from La Romana, Dominican Republic, are the poorest of the poor. When visiting, it’s as though you are in a place and with a people the world has forgotten. Most homes have no foundation, their roofs are made of banana leaves or rusted corrugated tin. Every time it rains, their beds and food supplies get soaking wet.

In the past few years, progress has been made. All homes on Batey 50 now have biosand water filters providing potable water with which to drink and cook. A strong, safe church has been built, and in 2010 several latrines were dug and constructed. But we still need to address one of their most basic life needs . . . adequate shelter.

The goal:  to build 50 homes for the residents of Batey 50. These homes would be small and simple, but would have concrete foundations and be a safe shelter from storms. Each house costs $5,000, and portions of a home may be donated also. Our volunteer teams will be involved in the construction each summer. 

As of March of 2013, 34 new homes have been built for families on Batey 50, and three more are scheduled to built in the summer of 2013. Praise the Lord for this great start to providing for these people in great need.

For more information and to support this effort, please email or call the DR Mission Team at 203-626-2239.