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How to Help

There are a number of ways to support the life-changing and life-giving work of the DR Mission Team! All will make a huge difference in helping the very poor and impacting the lives of the local people involved in providing the assistance:

  • sponsor a medical clinic - for just $500, we will be able to purchase all meds distributed at a medical clinic in the bateyes for those who have no other access to healthcare. Our teams will personally transport these meds to La Romana and our medical volunteers will prescribe them in the bateyes during our daily clinics.
  • support Fulfilling Smiles - help feed a family in a sugar cane village that is lacking food resources and nutrition. Or in other words is desperately hungry! Also there are a number of opportunities to be part of th sustainability part of Fulfilling Smiles that includes a farm with animals, micro-business opportunities for the people in the bateyes, and more.
  • support Fifty for 50, the DR Mission Team's unique program to rebuild all 50 homes in Batey 50. This is the poorest village we have encountered in our many years of serving the poor in the La Romana region, and for just $5,000, a new cinder block house is built for a family that is currently living in what is barely a tin shack. Individual cinder blocks can be purchased for as little as $20! 
  • support a teenager or adult from our community who hopes to travel to La Romana, DR, with our mission team. Each person that is part of that team in 2012 is responsible for $1,350, and many people need financial help to go. This is a life-changing experience for our young people and adults, and they will bring relief and hope to the very poor!
  • purchase Spanish and Creole Bibles that our Evangelism Team will distribute in the bateyes and barrios of La Romana.
  • help with the adoption of Bateyes Las Ceyas and 50. Members of our community (and others) send money each month to provide the children in this poor village with medical visits, vitamins, education, etc.
  • pray for the countless poor living in the Dominican Republic. Ask God’s blessing on their health care, employment, education, and the growth of their churches.
  • donate to any of these specific programs that bring relief to those in great need.

If interested, please email or call 203/269-4796.