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Batey 50, outside of La Romana, Dominican Republic


Through the years as Quinnipiac has added more options for QU301 courses, this class offers a completely different experience. When going to the bateyes of the Dominican Republic, students are placed (safely) in a busy city of a foreign country. They are immersed in the culture from the very beginning. 


Next, the students go to a batey (a remote Haitian sugarcane village). This is where the primary service projects will take place, which may include building a home for a needy family, delivering food to the hungry, helping with desperately-needed medical clinics, running educational programs, and much more. Students get to interact and know personally the people who live in the bateyes. 


Every class will get to spend time in Batey 50, which is the poorest of all the bateyes in this region. Over the years, QU301DR classes and other US volunteers have partnered to transform this community by building sturdy, safe homes for families; install biosand water filters in every home; build a school to educate the children; and establish a sustainable nutrition garden. The students especially bond with the children and families who live in Batey 50. 


During QU301DR class experiences, students also work at and/or visit the Joe Hartman School in barrio Kilometer 6, and El Buen Samaritano Hospital in La Romana.

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