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What is QU301DR?

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​What We Do 

Quinnipiac Students experience service-learning through interacting and working with the people of the Haitian sugarcane villages (bateyes) of the Dominican Republic. 


This is a course offered by Quinnipiac Univerisity through the QU Seminar Series known as QU301. 


Students experience, study, question, and research a number of issues involving the bateyes of the DR - poverty, justice, economics, health care, education, culture, and more.




​During the time in the Dominican Republic, students are asked to take pictures and journal about their experiences and feelings. Then, when they post to social media, they use the hashtag "#QU301DR" so that each picture or piece of writing can be tracked and linked together. 




Fall 2014: Travel 12/30/14 - 1/7/15

Fall 2013: Travel 12/27/13 - 1/4/14

Spring/Summer 2014: Travel 6/28/14 - 7/12/14

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