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©2019 Dominican Republic Mission Team

How to Help

  • Sponsor a Joe Hartman Student for 2018-19 – $220 per student.

    • for more information, contact Gaby Carvajal at gaby@drmissionteam.org

    • check out The Joe Hartman School Project for even more info!

  • Sponsor a Teacher at Joe Hartman School for 2018-19 - $200/month or $2,400 for the year.

  • Sponsor Celebration Day Tee Shirts or DRMT Team Shirts (If it is a business, we will put the company’s logo on the sleeve.) – Any dollar amount is welcome to cover the costs of these shirts. Contact Susanne for specifics on sponsorship opportunities.

  • Sponsor a child to attend school in Batey 50 – just $60 for the entire school year!

  • Help sponsor Batey 50  and Batey Las Cejas – this can be $20 a month or more. The DRMT sends money each month for these two bateyes to help with vitamins, malnutrition issues and medical visits.

  • Sponsor Food Distribution to hungry families in the bateyes during the DRMT summer trips – $500 (Fulfilling Smiles program oversees the food distribution).

  • Sponsor a Medical Clinic on a Batey during the DRMT summer trips - $500.