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2024 DR Mission Team Covenant

ALL TRAVELING TO THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC IN THE SUMMER OF 2024: Please take the time to review this covenant and agree as part of your online application​.

DR Mission Team Covenant - 2024

Taking a large group of people to a foreign country for mission work is a huge challenge. In order to make this a positive, safe, and productive trip for all, the Haitian Missionary Baptist Church and the Good Samaritan Hospital have established the following Mission Team Covenant for all U.S. work groups to La Romana:


All DR Mission Team Members promise to:

  • respect others and spread good cheer to all.

  • respect the authority of staff at the Haitian Missionary Baptist Church and Good Samaritan Hospital, as well as the trip coordinators. (Ephesians 5:21)

  • participate in all designated group activities such as meals, mission work, worship, clean-up, etc., making a consistent effort to be on time to such activities.

  • maintain personal safety, avoiding the following:  swimming alone, traveling alone, visiting bars or discos, riding mopeds or motorcycles, staying out after the group’s established curfew, etc.

  • abstain from smoking, alcohol, profanity, and illegal drugs during this mission trip, as well as the purchasing of alcohol and tobacco.

  • exhibit modesty in relations with the opposite sex.

  • wear clothing in keeping with local customs (conservative in general, i.e., for church: long pants with collared shirts for men, modest dresses or skirts for women).

  • avoid gossiping and whining - build people up and encourage one another.

  • voluntarily give up the right to privacy and individualism in order to live and work together as a unified team.

  • be slow to anger and quick to forgive. (James 1:19 and Hebrews 12:14-15).


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