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Medical Clinics

During their time in La Romana, the DR Mission Team (DRMT) hosts daily medical clinics in the bateyes for those who have no access to health care. The DRMT’s clinicians – nurses, physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, dentist, physical therapists – will treat 100+ adults and children each day during these clinics, normally held in small churches or schools in these very poor bateyes. Medicine purchased and donated in the United States is prescribed and distributed in the make-shift pharmacy, and now food will also be provided to the sick and hungry at these clinics.


Sponsors are needed for these daily medical clinics to provide meds and food, which each year treat over 600 patients who otherwise would not have access to desperately-needed health care.

To sponsor a medical clinic or volunteer your help, please contact Jackie Gilgallon, ANP or call (203) 626-2239.

Donate to a Batey Medical Clinic and help those in great need.

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