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Items to Collect DRMT 2019

Current Needs – Summer 2019

Questions? Contact Susanne Jordan at or call 203-626-2239.


As we have many shoes that did not go with us last year, we are just looking for Flip-Flops; all sizes –please remember the adults and not just the children – also large sizes needed - men and women have large feet from walking barefoot. Crocs are also good to bring with us.






** “Cheaters” – over the counter reading glasses


Hygiene Kits:

Soap, wash cloth, deodorant (men’s is fine), toothbrush, toothpaste, small shampoo; travel size toothpaste works well for the kits but we also like large tubes that we can hand out to families that come through the Med Clinics.


Baby Bundles: 

Travel size baby shampoo, soap, lotion, powder; also wash cloths, small toy or teething ring, wipes, desitin, diapers - various sizes.


For Teaching Team and Med Team Recreation:

(Please stick to these items only, last year we received so many nice donations that we were unable to bring with us.)


White Paper


Beading twine


Bubbles (the wedding size work well)

Soft balls (tennis balls are good too)

Whiffle Bats and Balls

Lego’s (Large and Small)
Light Weight Children’s Books in Spanish.



Benadryl (Generic is fine) 25 Mg. Tablets ONLY

Tylenol (Generic is fine) 325 or 500 Mg. Tablets ONLY

Ibuprofen (Motrin Brand Name, Generic is fine) 200 Mg. Tablets

Prenatal Vitamins

Children's Multi Vitamins (No Gummies Please)

Women's Multi Vitamins WITH Iron

Cough Drops

Tums or generic antacid

Antifungal crèmes

**These are very important and go quickly!

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