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Wish List: Joe Hartman School


Please consider blessing the students and teachers with some of the most basic supplies that they need at the Joe Hartman School in La Romana, DR. 

Please consider having a collection at your church, school, or place of work. Any items for the Joe Hartman School can be brought to the DRMT packing night (held in mid-June) at FBC Wallingford, drop donations off at FBC Wallingford on a Sunday morning and in the basket in the front of the church, or contact Cindy Rusate directly to make arrangements.


Student Needs

  • copy paper

  • composition notebooks

  • pencils

  • pens

  • poster board

  • construction paper

  • white chalk

  • geometry compasses

  • rulers

  • magnifiers

  • protractors

  • sharpeners

  • wet wipes

  • wooden puzzles 

  • building blocks (pre-K and K)

  • (child) safety scissors

  • colored chalk

  • coloring books (pre-K)

  • art smocks

  • tempera paint

  • water paint

  • paint brushes

  • yarn


Teacher Needs

  • staplers and staples

  • large scissors

  • permanent markers

  • markers

  • measuring tape

  • abacus

For more information email Cindy Rusate or call (203)626-2239.

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