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DRMT Lite Experience 2015

We were as diverse as we could be and yet we came together as one. We had Josh Powers as our fearless leader and he made sure that everyone had their individual needs met without making anyone feel like a burden. He was very fun to be around, easy to talk to, and made this trip so enjoyable for all of us. He and my roomie, Diana Sarro are the best at making every moment count and living life to the fullest. As a DRMT Lite group, we were separate but for the most part we were able to join the main group in all of the major activities. Furthermore, as a member of this “elite” group, it was nice riding in a nice, air-conditioned van and, of course, staying at the luxurious Casa de Campo villa.

A Completely New Experience

Going to the Dominican Republic was a scary choice from the start. I have never left the country, or traveled alone without my family. I heard about this trip through a friend I worked with and was instantly drawn to the idea of serving in a different country. I knew absolutely no one I was going on the trip with. As much as that though alone would make me almost not go, I knew I wanted to and that there were more important things other than me being scared to go. God obviously likes taking us all out of comfort zones. In order for us to get to know each other the church helped set up a retreat to go to. I actually met quite a few people who were also going on the trip for the first time and

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