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Guest Post: Roger Sylvestre

I have been blessed by the opportunity to be part of this wonderful mission experience. You cannot be part of something like this and come back the same. Let me begin with an observation. All to often today we characterize our young people as entitled and lazy with their focus on Smart Phones, electronics, video games, dirt bikes and the like. On this trip I was blessed to witness an amazing group of young people who took on the mission of God’s work. They did so with a positive attitude and an energy that amazed me. I want to thank all of them for restoring my confidence in the younger generation and giving me renewed hope for future generations. I was also struck by the pure innocence and

My Heart Has Never Been So Happy

I wasn’t entirely sure what I was getting myself into when I signed up for the QU301 Dominican Republic mission trip, but one spontaneous decision led to another and here I am today completely overwhelmed with emotions of post Dominican Republic withdrawal only two weeks after the trip. Going into the class I heard nothing but amazing things about this class. There was so much talk about some “out of body experience” that “you could only experience while you are in the Dominican Republic” that intrigued me. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when entering these people’s country. I knew it would be poverty stricken, but just how bad did these people have it? What were their living arrangement

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