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Terri Dowling: Testimony

I’d like to start by reading Isaiah 6:8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!” As I think of the many instances when I saw God at work in the DR, I was most moved by baby Christian Antonio. I had the privilege of praying over a 10 pound 16 month old little boy that was struggling for his life in the good Sam hospital. He was extremely dehydrated and malnourished with pneumonia. The nurses didn’t give him much of a chance of survival. Then God stepped in. So many people, including us at FCC, have been praying for him. He is now improving everyday, eating and beginning to thrive. God is amazing especially in pla

Zach Zealor: Testimony

As of April, I had no intention of going on the mission trip this year. One day I was checking my e-mail, and I saw something from John Powers about the celebration planned for Batey 50 day. This wasn’t an email sent specifically to me; it was a mass email to anyone associated with the trip, but the message might as well have been talking to me directly. The email was regarding the completion of the batey and right then and there I knew I had to call John and sign up for the trip. Not only did I sign up to go, but I decided to stay for 2 weeks instead of my usual 1 week. One of my earlier trips to the Dominican Republic we went to Batey 50 and started working on some latrines there. Towards

Dori Sargent: Testimony

Everyone please Close your eyes… IMAGINE walking, and taking an hour ride in a school bus down long dirt roads surrounded by endless sugar can fields. You arrive at one village and step off the bus into smoldering heat. You take one step at a time, breathing in the clouds of dirt they walk on, surrounded by beautiful half-clothed and hopeful children and families living in metal huts (cement if they are lucky), and seeing children sleeping on cement and dirt. Imagine children living this primitive life, surrounding you…speaking a language you don’t speak, grabbing your hands, desperate to be embraced, and excited someone cares. Imagine not knowing which way to turn, overwhelmed by how you c

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