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Unique Forms of Communication

As I packed my bags for my QU301 trip to Dominican Republic, I was entirely unaware of the incredible adventure to come. Sure, I studied abroad in Barcelona, Spain and traveled to 7 other countries during that period; however, even with those experiences under my belt, I could have never imagined the impact this place would leave on me. Everything was a beautiful in its own way: La Romana, Casa Pastoral, Batey La Papita, Batey 50, the churches, the caña, the landscape, the animals; however, what I value most are the people I met along the way. Throughout my 9 days in this extraordinary place, I was able to develop many relationships with the people. Whether my encounters with a person were s

Education is Power

As a final component of this QU 301 seminar course, we have been asked to write a journal entry to document our experience. As I sit down in front of my lap top, my mind races as I attempt to formulate a cohesive sentence to provide justice to the life-changing reality I have witnessed over the course of nine days in La Romana, Dominican Republic. I could write about the chaotic sounds of the city of La Romana: barking dogs, honking car horns, smothering scent of gasoline, church choirs singing. On the other hand, I could also discuss the poverty of the bateyes: dilapidated houses, dirt roads covered with animal droppings, scattered garbage, the bare feet of hungry children, the unconditiona

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