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Online Learning Begins at Joe Hartman and other DR Schools

Schools in the Dominican Republic began the 2020-2021 school year in early November, once again turning to virtual learning as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. The dedicated teachers and staff at the school will be using a combination of Google Classroom, WhatsApp, and printed copies for students without access to a computer, tablet, or cell phone.

In addition, the Dominican Department of Education established the use of local television stations to provide lessons to students across the country. Each grade level will watch the appropriate television station at specific times of the day to receive their lesson, and students have accompanying workbooks to use while watching.

Thank you to ALL who are sponsoring these precious children to attend school! If you are interested in sponsoring a student at the school, please email Gaby.

Ways to Help Joe Hartman School During the COVID-19 Crisis:

- provide funds to help with the purchasing of notebooks to accompany the lessons being watched on television ($20 to cover monthly notebooks for the school year, per student)

- help the teachers to acquire a “wifi box” so they can connect with students through Google Classroom and WhatsApp (about $20/month per teacher)

- funds to help with the huge amount of copies being made to support children without digital connections, paper supplies, binders, notebooks, etc. (any amount will help!)

- tablets for children without any digital communication available ($100 per tablet). To support these efforts, please visit the DR Mission Team's support page, or email John. As always, 100% of all money donated goes directly to support the school. Questions? Send an email or call/text 203-626-2239.


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