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PLEASE SIGN UP ASAP to Pray for a 2023 DR Mission Team Volunteer!

The DR Mission Team has been blessed with thousands of volunteers over 30+ years who have made the trip to serve in La Romana, Dominican Republic. Covering these volunteers with prayer is a key component to this effort. Would you be willing to pray for one or more of the volunteers serving this June 30 to July 22, 2023?

Interested? Please email Danielle Barnhart ASAP as the first group leaves for the DR in 1.5 weeks!

There are three weeks of teams serving this summer, with 110 volunteers! And there is still time to support the projects where the volunteers will serve those in great need, including help purchasing medicine, hygiene kits, food to distribute, funds to build in the bateyes and a prosthetic clinic, purchase Bibles, and much more! Questions? Send an email or call/text 203-626-2239.


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