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Your Help Needed . . . Load a Container on August 20 That Will Be Sent to La Romana!

On Saturday, August 20, 11am, we will be loading a 20-foot container of donated items to ship to our friends in La Romana. We need help loading this container - please share and invite any who can help!

Here are the details:

DR Mission Team Container Packing

Saturday, August 20

11am - 1pm

146 Church Street, Wallingford

(across from FBC Wallingford)

There is a job for everyone . . . packing, sorting, counting, organizing, and loading into the container.

This is a crucial aspect of our mission of serving in the bateyes and barrios of the DR. There are all sorts of items to send to support the hospital, the Joe Hartman School, Maranatha Mission, and much more.

Please let John know if you can help (all friends invited).


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